Bioinformatic Network of Tanzania (BINeT)

A database of bioinformatics professionals in Tanzania

Manuscript submission process, why do we go along with this madness?

Publishing frustrations under different journal and publisher systems

The scientist's brain pickings: opportunities for scientists - 1/24

A list of opportunities for scientists in Africa especially early career researchers

The scientist's brain pickings weekly - 2

Weekly newsletter talking about Pseudomonas aeruginosa microbe of the month, coffee and ChatGPT

Celebrating the life of Babu Ingo Koll, an unsung hero

A tribute to Babu Ingo Koll Kipala, Wikipedia ya Kiswahili, Astronomia, ASSAT, Jenga Wikipedia, Macho Angani

The scientist's brain pickings weekly

My weekly personal newsletter of interesting things I encounter in the journey of life